Our Design Credo

"You want to design? Be the user first"

Be the User

Design is an Action

Learn & Iterate

Tarnea takes pride in being a Design lead company. Our products and services go through a rigorous process of design from Concept to Execution.

Some of our best designers?...our customers of course!

Before writing the first line of code, we do what our users do. We have done our time behind the sales counter, stacked shelves, been an inventory clerk. We have hopped on to delivery trucks to "be the user".

For us design is verb, Our designers are "ideas in action". We do that first sketch or the prototype quickly as possible using the simplest tools at hand - wires, meshes, paper, fabrics, sketches, clay etc. Anything will do that makes point with the user.

Quite often our users also members of our design teams. we learn and iterate with them.

Our chief designers at work... ie. our customers!