Tarnea Digitalizes the Brick-and-Mortar Retail Industry

BENGALURU: With e-commerce being on an upward swing, digitalization has become very important to make things simpler for buyers and sellers alike. Moving ahead, Tarnea has recently introduced digital technology even to the brick-and-mortar stores. Founded in 2013 by Suresh Satyamurthy along with Madhav Sitaraman and Senthil Rajagopalan, the company through their SmartMile platform connects sellers with vendors and suppliers to help them come at par with some of the big retailers.

SmartMile is the transaction aggregation and gateway platform for the Brick and Mortar retail industry. It provides an ecosytem that provides seamless experience for all stakeholders of the retail chain. The platform is managed on fully integrated data centers with customized setups for effective execution. It is laced with Cloud-based Retail, Distributor, Principal and Customer solution.

Cloud-based Retail solution which can run on both Android and desktop, incorporates real-time alerts, anytime-anywhere access to software as well as QR barcoding. It can be used by users without having to go through any training. The beautiful and visually rich dashboards give retailers of all sizes a 360 degree view of their store operations.

Mobile Salesforce Automation Solution that the company provide, is bringing about a change in the way order is taken and processed. It enables retailers to take orders, process them and raise invoices from anywhere without any loss in revenues. 

Principal solution of Tranea enables organizations to receive real-time analytics on their products, analyze performance, get insights and helps reach the target audience directly. The company’s Customer solution allows users to place orders directly in addition to enabling them find all the bills at one place using the company’s SmartBill portal.

The platform also allows other solutions and services to the customers of the company through Third Party Application Integration, Development APIs, Rich Business Intelligence and Analytics as well as Integrated Payment Systems. The company has served more than 1 million consumers and its platform has witnessed over 1.6 million transactions. Further, it is looking to expand its presence to new markets by building relations with specific organizations.