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Tarnea’s SmartMile app to provide cloud based GST solutions to retail medical shops

Pharmabiz July 12

With Centre started implementing Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 1st July, Tarnea, a Bengaluru based software solution provider has put on offer its unique cloud software solution called SmartMile app for the retail medical shops and other healthcare providers to help them file GST online with ease.

As part of providing more awareness on this new cloud based app, the Greater Hyderabad Retail Medical shops Association conducted a one day seminar to discuss the pros and cons of GST and ways and means to cope with it.

Several speakers in domains of technology, accountancy & taxation; and drug rules provided guidance on what to look out for and sustainable best practices.

Explaining about the online cloud based smart solutions for GST, Vivek Madhavan, Vice President - Business Development at Tarnea said, “Having an online and cloud based system is essential and shall prove to be a differentiator in retail business. Only a cloud based system can quickly adapt to frequent changes; provide retailer connect with the Suvidha Providers in a seamless Tarnea’s Smartmile App, Gst Solutions, Retail Medical Shops, Goods And Services Tax (GST), SmartMile app, GST Onlineashion while ensuring absolute data security.

The Tarnea SmartMile app has been enabled to accommodate dynamic changes in tax rates, compliance policies, computation methods and any other changes critical to the business, quickly and accurately. All these complex changes reflect real-time for every user of the solution, thus providing hundreds of retailers total control, maximized business efficiency and profitability every day, lifelong.”

According to the Tarnea officials, the SmartMile platform is the first cloud based platform for retailers. It can be accessed from anywhere using mobile devices and computers providing absolute control over business without being physically tied down to the store. It provides all the tools required for a retailer to automatically comply with the requirements of GST from day 1. The Platform is available currently in over 31 cities and towns serving over 1.5 million customers already.

Pradeep, owner of Ankur Medicals, a retail pharmacy store said “I have always believed in use of technology to improve efficiency -be it in business or life in general. As someone who enjoys knowing about the fine print details of technology, and having worked in the consulting domain earlier, I firmly believe that technology is only as good as the data intelligence it provides.”

According to tax analysts at the Seminar, the GST is not going to stay stagnant and is going to evolve from time to time. “GST is likely to undergo numerous and frequent changes as the new system settles down. It would normally take a lot of time and effort to handle these changes manually or through offline software programs. A cloud-based system makes handling these changes easy,”says Suresh Satyamurthy, chief executive officer of Tarnea.

Overall, all the experts felt that online solutions for GST will help overcome the hassles. And a cloud based system like SmartMile that encompasses the entire GST Eco-system of GST Service Providers and banks would prove beneficial as it evolves.