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Tarnea's SmartMile Commerce Cloud is the industry leading transaction aggregation and gateway platform for the Brick & Mortar retail industry. The platform with its best-in-class feature set provides a rich ecosystem and seamless experience for all stakeholders of the retail chain

Why Tarnea SmartMile Commerce Cloud?

Tarnea's product development philosophy has always laid emphasis on customers' business and requirements as paramount in designing solutions. This fundamental guiding principle ensures that Simplicity is maintained across all aspects of the product. Some of the key areas are..

  • Simple yet effective user experience for all business requirements. You will never need a manual to operate our system!
  • Simplified product upgrades and feature rollouts. Your product is never outdated!
  • Superior and consistent experience across all touchpoints. Switch between your desktop, smartphone or tablet and the experience remains the same!
  • Faster and easier deployment with fewer resources. You will be up and running on our platform in a few hours!